The Pheasant At Keyston
The Pheasant
PE28 0RE

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Sunday August 29th

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The Pheasants Fourth Annual Beer Festival

This year we were raising money for CLAPA cleft lip and pallet association. We would like to say thank you to everyone for the big support - well done everyone!!!

We had a fab raffle with 1st prize our very own chef patron Jay Scrimshaw cooking a dinner for you in your own home.

Winning raffle tickets:
1. Chef patron Jay Scrimshaw cooking a dinner for you in your home - orange 26
2. Meal for two at The Pheasant with bottle of house wine - orange 58
3. Selection of six wines - white 71
4. Turkey at Christmas - orange 33
5. Half bottle of BILLECART SALMON ROSE, Champagne - orange 155
6. Sunglasses - orange 158
7. Wooden spoon prize - orange 123
8. Floral box of 5 cupcakes - orange 183
9. Beer token - orange 178
10. Free burger from BBQ - orange 179

If there is your number - please call us on 01832 710 241

Thank you again to everyone who came on Sunday. And now we need to wait to the next year - Fifth The Pheasant Beer Festival !!!